CD Equisearch is one of the leading brokerage houses with a strong presence in the institutional and HNI broking segment

With over 30 years of experience, you could be sure of the best in class research, operations, backend support and above all, a name which inspires trust. At CD Equisearch, the emphasis is on transparent and clean dealings. This has earned us our clients' goodwill. This quality has stood the test of time and has helped us secure business from all quarters.
At CD Equisearch, people are not weighed down by tradition. Rather, we are inspired by the rich heritage of the company. Here, business is conducted by building long term relationships with our clients and associates by laying emphasis on ethical and clean dealings. Here, people practice the gentle art of finance with professionalism, skill and transparency. At CD Equisearch, we do business quietly.
Continued growth which is so essential in today’s fast paced and ever changing capital market has been a constant feature at CD Equisearch. With an eye on the future and in keeping with the changing times, we at CD Equisearch have earned the investor's goodwill our most important asset, over the years.

After having a track record of servicing Institutions and HNIs for over 3 decades, we are planning to foray into the growing retail segment in a big way. We would be expanding across the geography with a wide network of our regional offices, branches, franchisees and sub-brokers. We would be offering a complete basket in financial services.
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Please note as per the directions given by SEBI vide its Circular No. CIR/MRD/DMS13/2010 dated 23rd April, 2010 (Circular available of there are certain alterations made to Power of Attorney which you may have issued in favour of CD Equisearch Pvt. Ltd. As per the said alteration directed by SEBI the clause “…. AND APPOINT M/S CD Equisearch Pvt. Ltd. and any of its authorized agent and/or its authorized employee and/or its authorized person…” stands deleted and same stands replaced by clause which reads as under:- AND APPOINT M/S CD Equisearch Pvt. Ltd…
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